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July 19, 2022


Moringa leaf supplements are Nature’s most versatile natural multivitamins, offering a treasure trove of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, vitamins A-K, minerals, amino acids, omegas, and fibre. Our Moringa powder in South Africa, at as little as R95 for a month’s supply, is very affordable. Unfortunately, the taste is a bit unpleasant and needs to be disguised in food like smoothies, porridge, soups, sauces, or stews.

Buy your certified organic Moringa powder in South Africa from us to make sure that you get the freshest and best Moringa products from local farms. No colourants, preservatives, or fillers. Just pure leaves that have been dried in a temperature-controlled environment and finely ground to bring all the goodness of the Miracle Tree to your table!

Improve the natural immunity and general health of your whole family this winter by adding Moringa to your meals. Here is a quick and easy recipe as inspiration 😊

Simple Chicken Curry with Moringa

What goes in:

3 Tbsp Masala powder (or your own curry spice mix)

½ cup all-purpose flour

Salt and pepper to taste

8 chicken breasts, cubed

1 Tbsp butter

2 onions, chopped finely

2 gloves of garlic, chopped finely

2 x 410g tins of whole peeled tomatoes

1 cup Greek yoghurt

1 Tbsp Moringa Powder

What to do:

  • Mix the dry spices, salt, pepper, and flour together in a bowl and coat the chicken pieces with it. Shake off the excess flour mix. Don’t discard the leftovers.
  • Fry the chicken pieces in the butter until lightly browned. Set it aside for the moment.
  • Fry the onion and garlic in the same pan until translucent. Add the tomatoes and the left -over Masala and flour mixture to the onion and garlic.
  • Add the chicken cubes and simmer on low heat until just cooked through. Remove from the heat.
  • Mix the yoghurt and Moringa powder well to avoid lumps of powder. Stir it in with the chicken.
  • Garnish with freshly chopped cilantro/coriander leaves if you prefer.
  • Serve with rice or flatbread.



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