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April 12, 2022

What does a holy grail beauty product mean to you? A serum or cream that treats saggy skin, lines and wrinkles? What about dark spots or a compromised skin barrier? Rosacea, eczema, and sensitive skin? The list goes on. You might need a whole arsenal of glass bottles on your bathroom shelf to treat the list of skin concerns.  

An all-star allrounder

What if we can show you one holy grail product that address all the issues above, and then some? A precious organic oil that has been used for thousands of years by queens to beautify their skin and hair…

We present to you the marvelous oil cold pressed from Moringa Oleifera seeds. This natural source of skin beauty is hailed as an all-round wonder oil for skin, hair, and nails. It is also used as a base for perfumes as it holds fragrance very well. May high-end beauty ranges like Huxley, Elemis and Estee Lauder include Moringa Seed Oil in their products


Moringa Seed Oil, (also called Ben Oil), is pale golden in colour and has a slightly nutty fragrance. It is light and easily absorbed, but rich in omega 3 and fatty acids like oleic acid, to make it an excellent moisturiser. The emollient properties also mean that Moringa oil provides a great skin barrier to prevent damage from environmental pollutants and UV radiation.

Benefits of Moringa Oil

Let us break down Moringa Seed Oil’s other benefits:

  • Antioxidants and collagen building components like vitamin A and D reduce lines and wrinkles and improve elasticity in the skin
  • High levels of the cytokinin Zeatin, help to promote cellular growth and delay the ageing process.
  • The high vitamin C content helps to reduce dark spots, and also minimises lines
  • Zinc, in combination with the vitamins, treats and prevents acne
  • Its exceptionally high anti-inflammatory and vitamin E content, reduces redness and soothes inflammatory conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea
  • Naturally detoxifies the skin with its antibacterial and antiseptic qualities
  • Absorbs easily and promotes skin radiance
  • Its powerful nutrients help to increase blood flow to scar tissue, breaking it down and healing the skin around it. In addition, it reduces the appearance of stretch marks, and because it’s healthy and natural, it is ideal for pregnant women and new mothers.
  • It can reduce dark circles under the eyes, because it stimulates blood flow to this sensitive area
  • Gentle oil cleanser to remove make-up without irritation or drying
  • Soothes dry and chapped lips
  • Takes care of dandruff and hair loss if massaged into the scalp
  • Moisturises and seals dry and split hair shafts
  • Strengthens nails and treats dry cuticles
  • Reduces pain from gout and arthritis if used as a massage oil
  • It has a very long shelf life thanks to the high antioxidant content. A container with moringa Seed Oil was for instance reportedly found in a pharaoh’s tomb – still untainted after all these years!
  • Moringa Oil is gentle enough to use on any skin type. Furthermore, you can apply it on its own or mixed into other beauty products to increase their emollient properties. It is suitable to slather onto your young ones’ skin too.

Can you drink it?

Our organic Moringa Seed Oil is a healthy, virgin, monounsaturated oil. You can safely ingest it to treat inflammation, eye problems (it has loads of beta-carotene), and high cholesterol. It contains sterols, which lower LDL or “bad” cholesterol. Lastly, you can cook with our pure Moringa Oil, as it has a high smoking point and adds a lovely flavour to food.


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