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June 18, 2021

How large (excuse the pun!) is the obesity problem really?

Did you know that 31% of men and 68% of women in South Africa are obese?

Being overweight is not primarily an aesthetic problem that affects your self-esteem. It is more importantly extremely detrimental to your health. It can cause high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Type 2 Diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, gall bladder disease, fatty liver syndrome, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, depression and general body aches, a low quality of life…. The list goes on…

The diet industry is enormous.   In the USA alone, the weight loss and weight management diet market size was valued at 192.2 billion in 2019, and is projected to reach $295.3 billion by 2027. People want to be skinny and are willing to pay enormous amounts of money for a quick fix – even if it could cause permanent harm to their bodies.

Chances are that you, or someone you know, have been on at least one diet, or have used a pill or shake of some sort to help you lose those unwanted kilos. Was it successful and sustainable? Mmmm… probably not?

Can Moringa help you lose weight?

Fortunately, there is a natural and healthy product to aid you in your weight loss quest.

Studies have shown that Moringa leaf supplements can prevent fat accumulation in the body. In addition, it speeds up the breakdown of fat already deposited.

There are quite a few nifty facts about how Moringa may help to reveal the slim version of you:

  • Moringa is high in soluble fiber – about 34g in every 100g. Fiber makes you feel fuller and, as a result, suppresses the urge to over-eat. Furthermore it lowers the level of hunger hormones produced by the body.
  • Moringa is high in protein, low in calories and low in carbohydrates.
  • It regulates blood sugar levels, which consequently reduces hunger signals and cravings.
  • It boosts the metabolism.
  • It regulates thyroid function.
  • It prevents water retention.
  • It improves digestion and clears the colon.
  • It reduces bloating.
  • It acts as a natural appetite suppressant.
  • It elevates your energy levels without caffeine.
  • It improves recovery after exercise.
  • It improves your mood.

And best of all, Moringa is stimulant free. It will therefore not cause anxiety, jitters, restlessness and insomnia like many other supplements for weight loss.

Taking Moringa supplements is not a quick-fix answer to having a svelte silhouette. It will not melt away 10 kilos in two weeks like some of those snake oil salesmen promise.  Moringa supplements do however offer a safe and natural way to reduce body fat and to keep it off. In addition (and this is a wonderful bonus), it improves your overall health quite dramatically – a win-win situation!

Here is the recipe for a metabolism boosting drink to have every morning 30 minutes before breakfast:

Moringa Metabolism Booster

Try this shot of pure goodness to start off your day on a high note!

 It will:

All you need is:

Stir it all together. Spruce it up with lemon slices, fresh mint, honey and ice if it pleases you 🙂.


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