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What is Moringa?

“Moringa is simply the most nutrient rich plant ever discovered. In fact, there is literally no other plant species on earth with a more densely packed profile of nutrients.”  – M. Umar

We are excited to introduce you to the wonders of Moringa Oleifera – the most nutrient dense plant on the planet. Moringa is a tree of which almost all the parts are not only edible, but mind-blowingly nutritious.

Every few months there seems to be a new health-related buzz word, or ‘super food’ that purports to be the cure to every ailment known to man. We know… It can be hard to keep up with what is ‘trendy’. Some of it sounds too good to be true (and, honestly, probably is).

What if there really was a superfood that could help with a variety of health issues, though? And what if we told you that it is not only praised by those who have used it and seen its benefits firsthand, but backed by a growing body of scientific evidence (over 600 studies}? And the best is: Moringa is not a new discovery… It has been used for centuries already! You would be investing in the proven advantages of a product that has been described as a “miracle plant” by generations of people who have seen and experienced its effects.

The benefits of Moringa include:

The Moringa Leaf contains:

92 Nutrients, 46 Anti-Oxidants, 36 Anti-Inflammatories, 18 Amino Acids and 9 Essential Amino Acids.


more Vitamin Ethan Wheat



the Vitamin Aof Carrots



the Calciumof Milk

organic moringa


the Ironof Spinach



the Potassiumof Bananas



more Vitamin Cthan Oranges

organic moringa


the Proteinof Yogurt



the Vitamin Eof Almonds



the Chlorophyllof Wheat Grass

Why should you use Moringa?

“Moringa is the richest botanical known to science and medicine.”
– Russel M. Bianchi

Besides being nutrient dense, Moringa has incredible health benefits too. And, as an added bonus, its high protein content, combined with low carbohydrate content, makes it an excellent addition to vegan, vegetarian and ketogenic diets.

Because the Moringa tree grows so well in warm, dry areas and the entire plant is edible, it is being utilised to combat food security issues and malnutrition across Africa. It is even used to purify water!

How’s that for a product that will make you feel good in more than one way?

Moringa is also good for:



Moringa Oleifera boosts the nutrition, health and performance of pets – from cats and dogs, to racing pigeons, cattle and horses . Are you ready for your furry friends to try it out yet?

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The Matana Health Group proudly brings you
PHYTOSTIM ®, an organic plant bio-stimulant extracted from the Moringa tree, that significantly increases yield in crops and fruit.

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The Covid-19 pandemic is at the forefront of everyone’s mind and people are desperate to find efficient ways of protecting themselves and their loved ones against the dreaded virus.

Moringa’s powerful immune-boosting and anti-viral properties will reduce your risk of contracting Covid-19.

The co-morbidities like high blood sugar, obesity and high blood pressure that increase the risk of dying from the virus, are all significantly lowered by the regular use of moringa supplements.

The rich nutrient content will also aid in speeding up your recovery, should you be so unfortunate to contract Covid-19, or any other illness!

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Best of all, the Matana Health Group offers you organic moringa in a variety of convenient options:  Juice Extract, Capsules, or Powder – whatever best suits your lifestyle and pocket.

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