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Increase your crop yield with PHYTOSTIM ®

Agricultural Bio-stimulants & Plant bio-stimulants

Agricultural Bio-stimulants include diverse formulations of compounds, substances and other products that are applied to plants or soils to regulate and enhance the crop’s physiological processes, thus making them more efficient. Bio-stimulants act on plant physiology through different pathways to improve crop vigour, yields, quality and post-harvest shelf life/conservation.

Plant bio-stimulants are a group of substances including microorganisms, certain plant extracts, humic acids and amino acids. Bio-stimulants foster plant development by enhancing the plant’s ability to assimilate nutrients and to develop completely. Plant bio-stimulants are typically based on extracts of natural products, and contain naturally occurring combinations of chemicals.



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Packed with nutrients

PHYTOSTIM ®, brought to you by the Matana Health Group, is an organic (non-synthetic) bio-stimulant produced using extracts of the Moringa Oleifera tree. By encouraging complementary soil microbes and improving metabolic efficiency, root development and nutrient delivery (everyday good farming practices), PHYTOSTIM ® can:

The growth enhancing qualities of Moringa have been known for a long time. Official research publications date back to the early 1980s. There are over 600 official documents recording positive results from the application of Moringa to plants, some dating back more than 30 years ago.


“Juice from fresh Moringa leaves can be used to produce an effective [spray containing] plant growth hormone, increasing yields by 25-30% for nearly any crop: onions, bell pepper, soya, maize, sorghum, coffee, tea, chili, melon… One of the active substances is Zeatin*, a plant hormone from the cytokinins** group. This foliar spray should be used in addition to (and not in lieu of) other fertilisers, watering and sound agricultural practices.”

(Price, 1985)

PHYTOSTIM ® composition:

  • Potassium (K) – 1960 mg/kg
  • Calcium (Ca) – 606 mg/kg
  • Magnesium (Mg) – 300mg/kg
  • Sulfur (S) – 616mg/kg

Amino Acids:22 Amino Acids totalling 4.198 g/L

  • Valine: 323.8 mg/L
  • Isoleucine: 246.6 mg/L
  • Leucine: 437.4 mg/L
  • Phenylalanine: 259.1 mg/L
  • Aspartic Acid: 315.0 mg/L
  • Glutamic Acid: 507.6 mg/L
  • Serine: 269.2 mg/L
  • Glycine: 244.6 mg/L
  • Threonine: 249.9 mg/L
  • Alanine: 365.2 mg/L
  • Proline: 222.1 mg/L

PHYTOSTIM® is an all-natural Moringa based biostimulant. No added nutrients.

PHYTOSTIM ® is registered as a Group III Fertiliser ®  through Act 36 of 1947. Registration number: M 121 (5L, 20L, 1000L)

PHYTOSTIM ® application:Phytostim® is added to water with a 3% dilution ratio (1:32) and applied as a foliar spray.

We recommend the following 4 application times:

  • Flowering phase.
  • 1 week after first application.
  • Prior to fruit set.
  • 1 week after fruit set.

Summary of research and results of moringa growth extracts

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*Zeatin: A plant hormone which promotes growth of lateral buds, and, when sprayed on growth points stimulates cell division to produce bushier plants.

**Cytokinin: A compound that promotes cell division and inhibits ageing in plants.

***Group III Fertilizers are natural or synthetic substances or organisms that improve the growth or yield of plants or the physical, chemical or biological condition of the soil.